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DL-4M CGF Variable Speed Centrifuge

DL-4M CGF Variable Speed Centrifuge

CGF (Concentrated Growth Factor) is extracted from autologous blood by our specialized variable speed centrifuge DL4-M. The concentration of growth factor is four times higher than that of normal blood active substances and it contains CD34 positive cells and white blood cells with high activity. CD34 positive cells are important Cells for promoting the reconstruction of the micro-circulatory system and collagen regeneration. In the mesoderm, filling and wound repair, micro-capillary and micro-lymphatic systems can be quickly reconstructed in the treatment.

Features of DL-4M CGF

1. 3 different running speeds/ RCF, 6 Kinds of Automatic Switching of Acceleration and Deceleration.
2. Self-ventilated rotor system, compressor temperature control, and keep low temperature (15℃) working environment.
3. Customize made for UV sterilize Light
4. All parts of the rotor can be High Temperature and High-Pressure Sterilization.
5. Can make PRP PRF CGF blood active substance.
6. A swing Rotor is more effective for CGF extraction.