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5500r min TDZ5-WS Benchtop Low-speed Large Capacity Centrifuge

min TDZ5-WS Benchtop Low-speed Large Capacity Centrifuge

TDZ5-WS low speed centrifuges are widely used in medical and Biological fields, Health Examination centers, laboratories, etc.


1. Stainless Steel Chamber, Full metal structure, and microprocessor controlled
2. Safety Interlock system that prevents opening the centrifuge lid during running.
3. With Emergency lid lock release, in case of power off.
4. Imbalance sensor, Over speed
5. 10 programs can be stored, and quickly recall the last used program.
6. With air cooling fans to avoid high temperature with long time working.
7. Digital or LCD display for choice, which indicated the Speed, time, RCF, etc.

Panel features of TDZ5-WS Low-speed Centrifuge

1. The TED digital display shows the parameter setting value and actual value at the same time;
2. When the operation is over or there is an error, the sound signal will prompt, and the operation will stop at the same time, and the digital text will be displayed;
3. 10 grades of Acc/Dec rate, which can be set or saved parameters freely.